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Outdoor Lighting Pricing from Brighthouse Lighting

Brighthouse Lighting is a full-service permanent outdoor lighting contractor in Chicagoland, with years of experience and 5-star ratings from previous customers. We offer competitive pricing for our services and are fully insured for your peace of mind.

Our Services

We specialize in the installation of permanent outdoor lighting fixtures. Our team of lighting professionals can design and install a system tailored to your needs, ensuring your outdoor area is well-lit and energy-efficient. We offer a wide selection of light fixtures to choose from, with prices to fit any budget.

Our Prices

Our prices are competitive and tailored to your specific project. On average, our cost in the Chicagoland area ranges from $3,000-$6,000 for the front of the home. This cost can vary based on the number of lights, programmability, and specific preferences. We offer multiple packages and options to fit your needs and budget.

  • Design and installation services
  • Competitive pricing for all services
  • 5-star rated and fully insured

If you’re looking for superior outdoor lighting services in Chicagoland, contact Brighthouse Lighting today to learn more about our services and pricing. We’ll work with you to create an outdoor lighting system that meets your needs and budget.

Example Pricing Breakdown

Small Front of house

1500-2200 sq. ft house 50-99 ft of lights

Medium Front of house

2201-3000 sq. ft house 100-149 ft of lights

Large Front of house

3001-5000 sq. ft house 150-200 ft of lights

Extra Large Front of house

2000-10000 sq ft house 200-1000 ft of lights

Commercial Lighting

per linear foot

Landscape Lights

Coming soon Spring 2023!

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