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Frequently Asked Questions

JellyFish Lighting is a permanent color-changing LED lighting system for the exterior of homes. It is capable of everything from nightly accent lighting that mimics recessed can lighting to any color and pattern for your holidays and parties. Easily decorate for all occasions like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Halloween, Birthday Parties, and more!


JellyFish Lighting typically costs ~$25-35 per foot installed plus $650 for the controller at our corporate locations. The price per foot is based on difficulty, location, and time of year. Authorized Dealer’s pricing is independent of corporate pricing.

Yes you can! The lights are individually addressable which allows you to choose which lights you want on and what color (over 16 million different colors). We also have 102 preset patterns.


Yes you can! The lights are individually addressable which allows you to choose which lights you want on and what color (anything from bright to soft white). For example, you can turn on two lights at the top of each peak while the rest of the lights stay off.


Yes, you can save multiple nightly & weekly timers as well as calendar events for holidays and other special occasions. We are linked with weather.com so you can link with sunset to sunrise.


JellyFish Lighting System is a robust, outdoor rated LED lighting system. LED lighting is known for its durability. The LEDs are rated for years and years of use.


We have a warranty of 1 year covering labor and 3 years covering parts.

The lights are RGB and can produce over 16 million different colors. The user can create custom programs and colors, so the possibilities are limitless.


Absolutely! You can make any color of white.


Yes, we have zoning which allows the ability to only turn on certain sections of lights or to have different patterns on different parts of your home at the same time.


We service all of Chicagoland!


Yes, we can sell you materials for a self installation and provide you with directions on how to install.


With the P2 system, controller updates are sent to your email with instructions on how to update your firmware. App updates will happen through your device’s app store.


The controller and any additional power supplies are installed indoors, typically on a wall in your garage safe from the elements. They plug into an outlet. One controller can power up to 300 ft depending on the wiring. From there, we run low voltage wire from your garage to the soffit of the first section of roofing.

From time to time a light will go out and would need to be replaced.


Yes. They are low voltage so the homeowner can replace them themselves. We can also come out to do it.


Our crews average around 150 feet per day.


The lights are installed to the outer part of the soffit behind the fascia or trim facing downward.


Half down is due to schedule an installation date. The other half is due upon completion. We also offer financing in each of our corporate locations, Salt Lake City Utah, Denver Colorado, and Dallas-Fort Worth Texas.


Our controller is manufactured in our factory in Orem, Utah

Our metal is fabricated locally in Utah, Colorado, and Texas

We employ local USA citizens in all locations

In order to make our product more accessible, we manufacture our lights in Asia

The inventor of JellyFish Lighting has been working with his color-changing exterior lights since 2011, and under the JellyFish Lighting name since 2016.


The lights on full bright white use less than one watt of power. Also, the controller pulls about 1.1 amps of electricity per 100 feet.

Yes they are!